A Study of Implicit Language Model Bias Against People With Disabilities
Pranav Venkit, Mukund Srinath, Shomir Wilson
COLING, 2022

Privacy at Scale: Introducing the PrivaSeer Corpus of Web Privacy Policies.
Mukund Srinath, Shomir Wilson, C. Lee Giles
ACL, 2021

PrivaSeer: A Privacy Policy Search Engine
Mukund Srinath, Soundarya Sundareswara, C. Lee Giles, Shomir Wilson
ICWE, 2021

Privacy Not Found: A Study of the Availability of Privacy Policies on the Web
Soundarya Sundareswara, Shomir Wilson, Mukund Srinath, C. Lee Giles
SOUPS, 2020 (poster)

Convolutional Neural Network and Question Generation Based Approaches to Select Best Answers for Non-Factoid Questions.
Mukund Srinath
Master’s thesis, Pennsylvania State University, 2019